The Issues With Students Playing Games At School

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What can I spend the money for?” is a question being asked by many Vermonters who have received recovery grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“The purpose of FEMA grants is to help Vermonters begin the recovery process during these very challenging times,” said Federal Coordinating Officer James N. Russo. “We want everyone to have the maximum possible flexibility within the rules to spend grants in the way that is most helpful to their recovery.”

More than 90 percent of the grants FEMA has provided to Vermonters have been for home repair or replacement.  Recipients may spend these grants in any way that helps them achieve the goal of permanent safe, sanitary and functional housing. Instead of spending the grant to improve the habitability of their damaged homes, recipients may choose to apply the funds to purchasing other housing.

As with many other federal programs, the government audits a percentage of grants to assure the money was spent as intended.

“Unfortunately, we have seen in other disasters that a small number of people will take a FEMA housing grant to Las Vegas or use it to buy a luxury vehicle,” Russo said. “That is the kind of fraud an audit is meant to uncover. We are not going to second guess recipients about how they chose to spend their housing grants so long as they spent them to improve their long-term post-disaster housing situation.”

In addition to housing repairs, FEMA provides grants for rental assistance and “other needs” assistance.

Grants for rental assistance must be spent on rental of alternative housing when the disaster rendered the person’s pre-disaster housing uninhabitable. FEMA has provided rental assistance grants to more than 1,200 displaced Vermonters so far. Rental assistance can be for homeowners or for renters. It is always temporary until the person can get back into long-term housing, which can be either the repaired pre-disaster home or another home.


Rental assistance grants may not be spent on home repairs, personal property or any other items. They may be spent only for rent. If an applicant wishes to recertify for additional rental assistance after the first grant is used up, receipts for use of the prior grant will be required.

FEMA makes “other needs assistance” grants for a wide variety of losses that the disaster caused. Some examples are a self-employed person’s lost tools, a student’s lost educational materials, furniture, vehicle damage, clean up and debris removal costs after the disaster, moving and storage expenses or medical and dental expenses caused by the disaster. These grants can also be used for other necessary expenses and serious needs caused by the disaster.

Everyone who receives a FEMA grant should save receipts for three years in case they are audited. If specific receipts are missing, a credit card statement or other evidence should be sufficient to show the grant was spent to help with recovery from the floods and storms.

To register for assistance call 800-621-FEMA (3362), or register online at or via a web-enabled mobile device at Multilingual registration assistance is available. Those with a speech disability or hearing loss who use a TTY can call 800-462-7585 directly; or 800-621-3362 if using 711 or Video Relay Service.


A low-income homeowner believes her insurance company is under-estimating the flood damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene. Another has lost important legal documents, while a renter is having a dispute with his landlord over repairs.

“These are just some of the difficulties that Vermonters may be facing after Irene that require legal assistance,” said Ross Feldmann, a member of the Vermont Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division. “And help is available for those who can’t afford it.”

Those who need legal assistance dealing with issues related to Tropical Storm Irene and who do not have the means to hire a lawyer may call Disaster Legal Services at 800-889-2047for free legal advice. Those who qualify for assistance will be matched with Vermont lawyers volunteering their time.

Legal assistance may include help with insurance or FEMA benefits claims, home repair contracts and contractors, building permits, replacement of wills and other legal documents destroyed in the disaster, counseling on mortgage-foreclosure or landlord/tenant problems and other issues potentially arising from the disaster.  All calls are completely confidential.

Disaster Legal Services is a federal program operated by the American Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division. By working with state and local bar associations, the program arranges free legal services for persons affected by presidentially declared major disasters.

In the last four years, the DLS program has provided legal help to more than 100,000 people affected by major disasters. In Vermont the program is sponsored by the Vermont Bar Association and Vermont Legal Aid under an agreement with FEMA.

Visit the ABA’s site at, the National Disaster Legal Aid site at or to find out more.

Vermont Clean Up Day

Gov. Peter Shumlin today declared Oct. 22 the first-ever ‘Vermont Clean Up Day’ inspired by the generosity of Vermonters helping the state recover from Tropical Storm Irene.  Modeled on its springtime sister event – Green Up Day – the newly created Clean Up Day will ensure all Vermont families and communities impacted by the storm are prepared for the upcoming winter season.

“I want to start by saying thank you for everyone’s outpouring of support, incredible generosity and patience at this difficult time,” Gov. Shumlin said, speaking at a Richmond kick-off event with organizers and volunteers involved in Irene cleanup work. “None of us imagined the magnitude of damage Vermont would sustain but all of us knew that once the rains eased, we would all join together to begin the response, recovery and eventually rebuilding of our state.”

The Governor said Clean Up Day will signal an aggressive single-day push for financial donations for Irene recovery, coordinate volunteers with communities that need help cleaning up from the storm, and allow people to donate to specific families who were impacted by Irene. In future years, the event will become a way to help all Vermonters in need prepare for the coming winter.

For Vermont Clean Up Day 2011 on October 22nd, there will be three ways people can help. By visiting, you can:

1.   Make a monetary donation to the VT Disaster Relief Fund or other charity of your choice. Details for organizations involved in the relief and rebuilding effort can be found on the web.

2.   Sign up to volunteer on Clean Up Day by joining a volunteer team designed to tackle a project in one of our affected communities, or organize a volunteer effort in your town if you are aware of a need. In addition to volunteer labor, we are also looking for skilled laborers like plumbers, electricians, and heavy equipment operators who are willing to donate their time on this one day to help their neighbors in need.

3.   Donate to a specific need for a Vermont family through the “goods exchange” or through your local volunteer coordinator or food shelf. This list and your local coordinators will match needs with goods to help families who lost their homes and belongings get reestablished.

“The last several weeks have shown that we Vermonters have a natural instinct to help our neighbors,” said Lt. Gov. Phil Scott. “This statewide clean up day will lend some organizational support to help those who have the greatest need. With just a few weeks left before winter, we need to make every helping hand count.”

Gov. Shumlin said he hopes businesses, communities, individuals, schools and other groups will enthusiastically participate in Clean Up Day projects, much as they do for the anti-litter Green Up Day event. He said the need for help providing everything from food to furniture, to mucking out basements and clearing debris, and much more has never been greater.

“I hope that all Vermonters will participate in this special day in at least one way – or better yet, all three ways,” Gov. Shumlin said. “If we all lend a hand and do a little it will mean a lot to those in need.”

‘Starting Over Strong’ Services After the Flood

The Vermont Department of Mental Health is now offering crisis counseling, emotional support and psychological first aid to Vermonters most affected by last month’s flooding, thanks to a short-term grant from FEMA.

Starting today, anyone in need can call toll-free 855-SOS-VT00 (855-767-8800) to access ‘Starting Over Strong’ (SOS) services.

Washington County Mental Health Services will administer Starting Over Strong, and lead teams of crisis support workers from around the state. SOS will coordinate with community mental health agencies and local organizations to support their ongoing local and state recovery efforts. The program is expected to be fully staffed in most of the hardest-hit communities by October 17.

“Most Vermonters were affected in one way or another by the historic flooding this fall, but some suffered extreme loss and trauma,” said Mental Health Commissioner Christine Oliver. “SOS can help communities, families and individuals of any age recover from the emotional stress after the flood.”

SOS is a short-term effort designed to help up to 3,000 people better understand and cope with their current situation and experiences from the flood, review disaster recovery options, and find healthy ways to deal with loss and stress. People who may be in need of more intensive support or treatment will be referred to community services and agencies.


State and federal officials are reminding Vermonters whose wells may have been contaminated by flooding after Tropical Storm Irene to apply for assistance to repair or replace the well.

Homeowners whose wells or septic systems were damaged or flooded may receive funds to perform required well repairs, pump their septic tank, or even replace them if the damage is permanent, according to Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials.

“The repair or replacement of contaminated water wells is covered by FEMA assistance,” said James N. Russo, FEMA’s Federal Coordinating Officer. “This can include site work or grading to keep existing wells from being contaminated by standing water, and sometimes bringing the well up to code by extending the casing above grade.”

Recovery officials urged residents to have their water system inspected and tested if any of the following conditions exist:

  • The well was flooded;
  • The well was in close proximity to a flooded area;
  • There has been a change in water quality such as the odor or taste.

“Residents can contact their Vermont Health Department district office or town health officer for a free test kit and disinfection instructions,” said Vermont Emergency Management Director Mike O’Neil. “Water samples must be submitted to the Health Department Laboratory according to the instructions in the kit, and must be clearly marked ‘contaminated by flooding.’”

If tests determine the well was contaminated and homeowners are unable to disinfect the well with standard bleach treatment, they should report the results to FEMA and request help with repair or replacement of the well.

Several steps are required to meet eligibility requirements.

  • The FEMA inspection must indicate that the well was contaminated as a result of the disaster.
  • If the initial inspection does not support the applicant’s claim for a particular line item, or the claim is denied, the applicant may request an appeal inspection and may be required to provide itemized receipts.

Renters who have septic system problems that forced them to vacate their homes can apply for FEMA rental assistance which can provide renters with safe, secure, temporary housing until the landlord completes septic system repairs.